Sunday, June 1, 2014

What to do if we're hungry in Hungary

There are many things that we learned this week while doing research. We looked at price differences between Hungary and the United States, we found places in Hungary we would like to visit and we found places where we would like to eat.

Here are the cost of some items in Hungary:
Loaf of bread- $0.95
Gym Membership- $53
Coke- $1.49
Movie ticket- $6.75
Fast food meal- $3.15

All of these items are relatively close to what we are used to in the United States. A loaf of bread is cheaper than we would think, but most of the other ones are roughly in the same price rage.
One item that was substantially greater than what we would expect was an iPhone. Hungary is the 7th most expensive country to buy an iPhone at around $900.
Check out this cool article with the list of the other countries that are more expensive than Hungary.

Our group came up with some fun activities to do while in Hungary.
Parliament at night
  • One thing we might do while in Hungary is take a walk down the shopping street that is right next to our hotel. It's one of the largest shopping streets in Budapest and has many stores that would appeal to a lot of different people.
  • A tour of the Budapest Parliament which is a 100 year old building.
  • Hailey Kenkel found a current attraction that we are hoping will still be standing by the time we get there and it is the largest lego tower ever built!
  • Allison Hoffman found a really cool night time Danube River Cruise that sounds extremely relaxing and it would be wonderful to get to see Budapest at night.
  • Going to one of the many hot springs located throughout the city
  • And others like Freedom Square, The Jewish Quarter, Margit Island, Normafa, and The Kopaszi Dam 

What to eat when we're hungry in Hungary:
There are a few places that we found that would be great places to eat while in Hungary
  • A cafe called Cafe Csiga that has live music!
  • A New York style restaurant called Pastrami and it has a signature Reuben sandwich
  • Ring Cafe, a place that was quoted as being a "Bomb Burger Bar!"
  • Caledonia, which is a Scottish Pub. Who doesn't want to experience a little Scotland while in Hungary?
Stephanie Robinson

Cafe Csiga

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