Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Day in Budapest!

I think the saying "Saving the best for last" definitely rang true on our last day in Budapest before travelling on to Vienna early tomorrow morning.  

We all started the morning by heading out via many forms of public transportation to SAP Labs at a business park outside of the main city center of Budapest.  There we listened to a presentation from the Managing Director (head honcho) of SAP Labs Hungary-- Markus Hilken.  During the presentation he told us about all the things that their company does-- most creating computer systems and applications that help companies run more smoothly and efficiently.  He gave us some very eye-popping facts about the company that shows just how big of a scope they cover.  The most eye-popping one to me was that the work they do touches 72% of the World's GDP-- not just the country or continent's GDP, the entire world! 

After out visit to SAP, we then took public transportation back to the hotel where we changed into our more comfortable clothes and then got lunch before meeting up at the underground station to head to Buda Castle.  I'm glad we saved the trip to Buda Castle for our last day in Budapest because it definitely would be hard to top.  The view was absolutely amazing.  We had a great view of the Parliament building, Chain Bridge, and also the entire city of Budapest. 

Until next time, Go Royals, 

Andy Wyatt 

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