Friday, May 16, 2014

Introduction to Our Group

We are Group 1: The Hungary Hippos
Here is a little about each one of us and what we would like to see on the trip.

Dylan Kay is a Senior that will be graduating this December with a degree in Business Management and Marketing.

Rachel Michael is a Graduate student that will be graduating this December with a Masters in Business Administration.

Stephanie Robinson is a Sophmore working on a degree in Finance.

Andy Wyatt is a Senior that is hoping to graduate this December with a degree in International Business and Marketing.

As a group we look forward to traveling together to a place that none of us have been to and experiencing the different cultures, architectures, styles of business, and cuisines.

Some interesting things that we have found about Budapest durring our initial research include:
  • There are 3 Islands within Budapest: "The Csepel Island, whose northern tip protrudes into the capital, the historical Margaret Island, and the Óbudai Island in the North. The Szentendre Island, which is to the North from the capital, reaches all the way up to the Danube Bend."
  • Budapest is called "The City of Spas" due to around 125 Thermal Springs that reach up to 136 degrees Ferenheit.
  • It is suggested to exchange money while in Hungary due to better exchange rates compared to anywhere else, but not to exchange money at the hotels due to worse rates. There are also several ATM's that do take major credit/debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.
  • The exchange rate is 1US dollar to 222.77 Hungarian Forints.
  • Budapest has a Zoo and Botanical Garden that was built in 1866.
  • There are also a few interesting Boat restaurants in Budapest that we would like to visit (hopefully)
  • Shoes on the Danube embankment is a memorial that commemorates the Hungarian-Jews that were executed by the riverside by a Pro-German, Anti-Semitic, Socialist Part of Hungary. 
  • Budapest City Park is the home to many Museums and zoo.
  • Budapest also has caves that we could possibly visit on our down time. These caves are really old and for a few of the past wars is where they used as shelter from their enemies.
Overall, we are extremely excited to travel and to go on some new adventures!

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